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Because your passion, your content, your brand, your research all deserve a first-rate Italian rendition

No need to look further if your passion and/or your profession require that you communicate with an Italian audience! I am a professional Italian translator, born and raised in Modena, Northern Italy. I have studied both in Italy and abroad, and am now based in the Glansiedlung suburb of Wals, on the outskirts of Salzburg, Austria.

Of course, I also spend some time in Italy and in English-speaking countries (mostly the UK) every year as well, in order to keep up to date and in touch with the respective languages and cultures.

I am also a professional language teacher.

Why all these things? Can it be true?

I am a former researcher. Besides, my educational and professional background is rather broad and varied without being dispersive.

What will I do for you?

My specializations, experience and interest are best described as follows:

a) History, Political Science, political and international Economics, International Relations, most comparative Humanities and Social Sciences;

b) Medical and healthcare (general, reports; epidemiology/virology); History of medicine, healthcare, health systems; fitness and bodybuilding;

c) Tourism, food, and cuisine;

d) Content/social media marketing, sales & customer care;

e) Communication;

f) Contracts and agreements concerning real estate (lease/purchase), social and/or health insurances; certificates or information about domicile and residence, driver’s licence, visas;

g) Fantasy, biographies, historical novels, romance, and erotic (historical and romance and/or erotic: especially stories set in 1800 – contemporary times, roughly);

h) Music: rock, metal, punk, gothic.

Professionell Sprachen Unterrichten Übersetzen | Professional language lessons Translation | Lezioni di lingua da una professionista Traduzioni
Felicita Ratti – Translator, language teacher, consultant. Traduttrice, insegnante di lingue, consulente. Übersetzerin, Sprachtrainerin, Beraterin.
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