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Communicating, studying, and working in another language, or working with people from other parts of the world, or moving: all amazing things you can do. Anytime you need support, here is your trusted, trained, experienced specialist in translation, language teaching, editing, writing, intercultural and international issues.

I am Felicita Ratti – A-Typical Italian, a native speaker of Italian, Northern Italian variety, and C2 (near-native) speaker of German and English. I have studied and worked in Italy and abroad, with certificates, and certifications from Italy, Austria, Germany, and the UK. Furthermore, I have a BA in International Relations (Faculty of Political Sciences), a MA in Analysis of conflicts, ideologies, and politics (Faculty of Humanities) and advanced skills and experiences in comparative and international academic research as a PhD student. The most relevant experiences have been in History of society, medicine, healthcare, and science.

My services:

  • Translation/transcreation English/German > Italian:
    • Medical and nursing
    • Tourism, restaurant/food, catering
    • Sports and fitness (bodybuilding, gyms, running, cycling, swimming)
    • Marketing (in related fields)
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Certificates, documents, diplomas, records, etc. (also into English and German)
    • Fantasy
    • Historical novels
    • Romance
    • Metal, Goth
    • Other micro-fields on request
  • Online courses of Italian (all levels), German, English (A1-C1):
    • General
    • Medical and nursing
    • Academia, school and university
    • Tourism and catering
    • History and politics
    • Exam preparation
  • Interpreting:
    • Medical and nursing
    • Italian and Austrian bureaucracy/authorities etc.
  • Proofreading, editing etc.:
    • Proofreading
    • Editing
    • Revision (for colleagues)
    • Writing
    • Transcreation/copywriting (no strategy)/support for marketing and sales dept.
  • Consulting, lectures, and workshops:
    • Intercultural communication
    • Working in a different country
    • Working with Italians
    • Working with Austrians and Bavarians
    • History of German-speaking countries for Italians
    • International and comparative history of medicine, nursing, healthcare, and science for professionals