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Learn Italian. For real.

If learning Italian is what you desire or what you need, you are probably comparing options and offers. You are also asking yourself what’s the best way to do that. Well, since you are reading here… I am glad to be one of those options. Will I be “the one”?

I am a qualified and experienced teacher of Italian (and German, and English) as a foreign/second language, and a native speaker on top of that.

My lessons and courses are held online. This means flexibility, reliability, stress-free environment, active involvement from the very beginning through conversation, digital notes you cannot lose or forget home (such as a shared Google Doc and Google folder with other materials, or other solutions, if you prefer), location-independent learning. No need to drive or commute, no need to pack your things, no need to change attire, no need to put the course on hold if you travel for business (I promise that I will leave you alone when you are on holiday!). All you need is a reliable internet connection with good (= low) ping values.

My preferred application is Zoom, but I also use Skype, Appear, Google Hangouts, and Messenger for laptop/desktop.

I usually teach to native speakers of English and German, or to people who can use either as a bridge language. (Without a common language, you will find it difficult to understand and sign the contract I will send to you… yes, you will get a contract and an invoice, and you will know exactly what you book! )

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