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I am an experienced and qualified teacher of German as a foreign/second language. I have already helped dozens of students pass their B2/B2+ exam (Goethe/ÖSD/telc). My offer includes German and Austrian German (not the dialect, but the standard variety of German used in Austria), as well as German and Austrian culture and everyday life.

For those who need to work intensively, I usually focus on motivation + conversation + method + structure more than anything else. For those who have a little time to spare, there is also room for extensive reading and for thoroughly discussing cultural issues and everyday life in Austria and Germany.

You might have read that I have been living in Austria – near the German border – for a while. To be more precise, I moved to Austria in October 2007 to pursue a PhD. I never completed the program, but I completed all my coursework (in German). I also published several works, and took part in several conferences and workshops as paper presenter/invited speaker/lecturer. That was also when I started teaching. I first started with remedial lessons and tutoring, then I moved on to courses and lessons.

I mostly teach native speakers of Italian, but I am always happy to accept students who have English as their mother tongue or as bridge language as well.

I teach online, and my preferred application is Zoom. However, I also work with Skype, Appear, Google Hangouts, and Messenger for laptop/desktop.

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